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Water Rower Oxbridge


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Specs overview:

  • Styling: Home use
  • Material: Solid Cherrywood
  • Finish: Cherrywood darkens into a rich hew with age
  • Noise Level: Soothing and relaxing
  • Intrusion Level: Minimal intrusion
  • Resistance Method: Patented WaterFlywheel emulates natural dynamic of rowing
  • Resistance Levels: Unique self-regulating resistance, infinitely variable, suiting any user without adjustment
  • Muscle groups Used: All major muscle groups (84% of Total Muscle Mass)
  • Maximum User Height: Up to 38” Inseam (42” option available)
  • Maximum User Weight: In Excess of 1000lbs
  • Other User issues: No impact and non-load bearing, perfect for users with joint concerns
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Available as an option
  • Dimensions: L-83”, W-22”, H- 21”
  • Entry Height: 12” (20” with optional HiRise Adaptor)
  • Storability: Stores Easily on end, L-21”, W-22”, H- 83”
  • Weight: 108lbs (Min water level)
  • Shipping dimensions: Tank Box (L-28.5” x W-24.5” x H-23.5”), Rail Box (L-83” x W-6” x H-3.25”).
  • Shipping Weight: Tank Box 52lbs, Rail Box 30lbs
  • Maintenance: Virtually maintenance free. No lubrication required. Simply add a
  • Chlorine tablet every 2-6 months (available free of charge)
  • Wearing Parts: In heavy traffic areas the only wearing parts are the foot straps which pass over the toes
  • Warranty: 1 Year ;(Upgradeable to 3 year parts, 5 year frame free of charge with registration)