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Octane XT-One – Raleigh Pre-Owned

ISI4220.  2018 model.  389 hours of use.  The XT-One is a cross trainer elliptical that does it all!  This all-in-one machine lets exercisers walk, run, hike, or climb—multiple variations of beneficial cardio movement—without intense impact on the joints or strain on the muscles.  The diverse selection of motions helps target different muscles for customized effectiveness and individual fitness goals.  Whether gym goers want a slow walk that’ll burn calories or a challenging climb that enhances stamina and encourages muscle growth, the XT-One can provide the perfect workout to meet such needs.  This Octane Fitness cross trainer features premium materials and innovative designs and will stand up to every workout while fueling performance and delivering results.

Original price was: $9,599.00.Current price is: $3,249.99.

NC, SC and VA delivery available. Call for price

This items is located in Raleigh

2 Year Parts and Labor Protection Plan Starts at $450


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