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LifeFitness GX Group Exercise Bike


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Product Description

Life Fitness, the company that brought you the original Lifecycle® exercise bike now introduces the Lifecycle GX. It is biomechanically designed and user-tested to ensure a comfortable yet effective workout. Plus quality construction provides long-lasting durability ride after ride.

Our dedicated, in-house biomechanics team has studied human movement and machine interaction to develop a bike that stands at the head of any class. Lifecycle GX has the most in demand features and a bold rear flywheel design that spins like no other. Engineered for low maintenance even with high volume use, this is one bike built to last.

Frame Base

  • Robotically welded steel frame
  • Zinc oxide-coated steel and plastic shrouding protects frame and sensitive mechanisms from dirt, sweat and water.
  • Durable urethane stretch platforms allow riders to properly stretch calf muscles.
  • Reinforced base arm provides a large footing area for hamstring stretches.

Drive System

  • Precision resistance brake lever allows riders to gauge and repeat resistance with optional cycling computer.
  • Multi-ribbed belt drive for a smoother, quieter ride with less maintenance.
  • Magnetic eddy current brake for a cleaner, more maintenance-free system.
  • 170-mm Q-factor for an efficient pedaling stroke

Seat, Handlebar Pedals

  • Ergonomic cycling seat with cut-out provides extra comfort and air flow; optional wide seat available.
  • Ergonomic handlebar design for comfortable upper body positioning; dual water bottle receptacles can be used as digital device holders.
  • Dual-sided SPD pedals provide a hard surface for riders wearing soft sole shoes; features standard SPD pedal clips for those wearing cycling shoes.


  • Large overall adjustment range provides the most proper bike fit for a wider user range.
  • Micro fore/aft adjustments allow users to set seat and handle bar to most optimal position relative to height and body type.
  • Pop pin height adjustment secures seat and handlebar in place.


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