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First Degree Fitness E-820


    Product Information

    This versatile machine operates as a standing or seated
    Upper Body Ergometer. With adjustment to only the
    resistance, height of handles and seat position, the E820 is
    ideally suited to high use facilities.
    Fixed crank arm length and self-levelling ergo handles ensure
    instant adaptability. The seat adjusts easily at the touch
    of a lever and can be moved to the rear of the platform for
    standing usage (no need to remove seat from base).
    Our patented Variable Fluid Resistance offers 20 levels,
    across a huge range, moving in either forward or reverse
    direction for total muscle engagement. Challenge your
    members today with this highly motivating, functional
    apparatus designed for compound exercise of the upper body
    and core stability in standing mode.

    • 20 levels of patented Variable Fluid Resistance
    • Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) with USB port: The IPM displays: time;
    speed; distance; RPM; calories per hour; watts; level, pacer, and has a heart
    rate receiver built in. The IPM gives you quick start, manual programs, interval
    training, USB port allows interactive programming.
    • Seated or standing access
    • Self-leveling, comfortable ergonomic hand grips reduce wrist torque.
    • Operates in forward & reverse directions
    • High visibility yellow adjustment knobs and levers
    • Main Arm adjusts from horizontal to vertical with internal gas-assist mechanism
    • Seat is movable, with user in place, to allow correct exercise position and easy
    access to and egress from the machine.
    • Seat can be removed to facilitate full access onto the standing platform.
    • Contoured ‘soft-touch’ seat with lumbar support
    • Foot rest for added stability
    • Heart Rate reception built-in
    • Compact footprint – 125 x 99cm (49 x 39”)
    • Max user weight: 150kg (330lbs)
    • Warranty Metal Frame: 10 years, Polycarbonate Tank & Seals: 3 years,
    Mechanical Components (of a non-wearing nature): 2 years, All Other
    Components (of a wearing nature): 1 year

    COVID-19 guidelines require that we honor social distancing. Accordingly, showroom access is available by APPOINTMENT only for all prospective customers.