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Outdoor Fitness


Three Different Outdoor Sections To Suit Your Needs

Single Stations (Trail)

Engineered to stand independently with 1-3 fitness activities per station (single vertical pole) so they can be placed along a path or set in groups.

Group Spaces

Engineered for outdoor use, these individual fitness stations are used to create an outdoor functional fitness playground for any size space.

Group Turf Training

The perfect package for your Outdoor space for your facility. The package comes with 7 pieces of equipment and a large outdoor turf flooring section.

Backyard Turf

Transform your backyard. Perfect for homeowners: the advantages of no maintenance turf & the ability to create a personal space for sport and fitness.

single stations

Single Stations Around an Outdoor Trail

These pieces are engineered to stand independently with 1-3 fitness activities per station (single vertical pole) so they can be placed along a path or set in groups. The fitness trail, along with the fitness stations, provide a workout that can include aerobics exercise.

Customize Your Trail With The Below Stations

FE-1322: stayFIT
FE-1327: stayFIT
FE-1330: stayFIT
FE-1332: stayFIT
FE-1339: stayFIT
FE-1340: stayFIT
FE-1345: stayFIT
FE-1355: stayFIT
FE-1357: stayFIT
FE-1358: stayFIT
FE-1360: stayFIT
FE-1320: stayFIT
Plyo Steps
ZigZag Balance Beam
Outdoor Pushup Bars
Balance Steps
Elite Parallel Bars
Battle Rope Station
Stall Bars
Low Parallel Bars
Over Under Agility Post
Hanging Balance Disc
Functional Staircase
Drive Sled
Over Under Agility Post
Elevate Rope Trainer Station
single stations

Group Spaces

Obstacle Course Add-Ons

A-Wall Climb
Vertical Cargo Net & Rope Climb
Horizontal Rope Climb
Slalom Agility Posts
Low Angled Cargo Net
group turf

New Group Outdoor Turf Training Space!

Accessory Add-Ons

The Outdoor Sledge
Drive Sled
Globe Barbell
Farmer Log Carry
Tire Flip Station
group turf
backyard turf

Backyard Turf

An innovative and new way to transform your backyard into a high performance training and recreation space. With our Backyard Turf offering, homeowners now have the ability to go from high to no lawn maintenance, while enjoying the same commercial-grade quality found in gyms and sports arenas. Enjoy the video to the right to see a recent project task shape as well as the progression of pictures below.

backyard turf
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