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Octane Fitness is the only manufacturer that focuses on zero-impact training. Octane Fitness focus on creating traditional recumbent and lateral elliptical machines.If you want the best zero-impact elliptical machines, choose Octane Fitness.

Committed exclusively to reinventing cardiovascular exercise, Octane already has delivered multiple innovations that have revolutionized workouts, yielded fitness results and fueled exercisers worldwide.

Breakthroughs like Body Mapping Ergonomics, SmartStride, PowerStroke and CROSS CiRCUIT are just the start of Octane’s ingenuity. Whether it’s a traditional elliptical, a recumbent model or the newest lateral elliptical trainer, Octane is sure to meet your needs and go way above and beyond your expectations.

Below are all of the Octane Fitness equipment products that we carry. Click any of the buttons on the left to see products within each family. As always, contact us today to speak to a US Fitness Octane Fitness equipment expert!


It’s no surprise that Octane standing commercial elliptical machines are preferred by 75% of health club members. Perfected over time with biomechanics, natural motion, a slew of motivating workouts and plenty of thoughtful comfort features, these premium elliptical machines fuel every fitness floor.

Known for its innovations, Octane has transformed standing elliptical machines with multiple breakthroughs that benefit exercisers – like Body-Mapping Ergonomics for the smoothest motion; SmartStride interactive ergonomics to replicate walking, jogging and running; and MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars that customize upper-body movement.


PRO 310i

PRO 370

PRO 3700

PRO 4700


Add a new dimension and excitement to the cardio floor with the LateralX elliptical machine that delivers functional challenges, more muscle demands and greater caloric burn.

Move members in an entirely new direction, with smooth 3-D motion that goes from a vertical elliptical stepping motion to an active side-to-side motion for functional exercise that challenges the entire body for better conditioning and even better results. In fact, research shows that LateralX elliptical users benefit from a 27% increase in calorie burn and a 30% increase in inner and outer thigh work over traditional standing elliptical machines. Plus, exercisers appreciate the variety in movement – and the ability to target the glutes, hips and thighs – whether they are rehabbing from an injury, training for athletics or just shaping up.



Now members can enjoy all the benefits of standing ellipticals in a comfortable, seated position with Octane’s exclusive xRide recumbent elliptical. Outperforming all other seated equipment, the xRide uses PowerStroke technology for 343% more glute activity and a 23% greater caloric burn than recumbent bikes. With the moving handlebars, members benefit from total-body workouts; and Workout Boosters like Chest Press and Leg Press facilitate strength training intervals.

The Active Seat Position ensures a custom fit for all exercisers, and opens the hips for greater muscle engagement. And with a variety of workout programs and resistance levels, the xRide recumbent elliptical can challenge beginners to athletes. This is no ordinary seated exercise!

XR 6000

XR 650


The Zero Runner offers the same great workout, but without the pain or the additional costs of ownership.  Enabling virtually anyone to walk, jog or run safely and comfortably, the ZR8000 offers state-of-the-art design that replicates an exerciser’s natural form but eliminates the stressful impact.

Built with cutting-edge innovation, and without a belt, deck or cord, the Zero Runner revolutionizes the cardio floor and enables exercisers to maximize workout effectiveness while minimizing discomfort. Users can choose from 15 resistance levels and 11 workout programs to personalize intensity and stimulate better results.

Zero Runner ZR8000



Introducing the newest, boldest HIIT machine that fuels major motivation and powerful results in functional training, small group workouts and the cardio floor. With no adjustments, a motivating calorie meter and immediate transitions from zero to all-out, the new Max Trainer® machine delivers ultra-efficient metabolic conditioning – along with the valuable afterburn of HIIT.

Grueling but addictive, this unique total-body hybrid climber helps drive membership sales and retention, while firing up your facility.