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Award Winning Cardio | Energy Efficient | Eco-Design | Environmentally Friendly

Intenza Fitness cardio equipment perfects artistry and engineering – evoking images of powerful, purring luxury vehicles. It is the culmination of 18 months of meticulous product development by industry experts. Since 1998 HealthStream has been designing & building exercise equipment for many of the fitness industry’s biggest names. Striking exteriors include brilliant touchscreen displays and gleaming aluminum surfaces.

Underneath, are robust steel frameworks and motors, engineered to give users a sense of confidence and well-being during their workouts.

US Fitness Products is an exclusive distributor for Intenza and has products in all of our showrooms.

Born from all that inspires us and bred for lasting beauty and performance, Intenza Fitness is fitness evolved.

The amount of care and precision put into Intenza products starts with the manufacturing process. The manufacturing facility leverages clean energy with a low carbon footprint, 2,000 solar panels, water conservation and climate control.

Every piece of equipment is powder-coated for a durable, long lasting finish, with two coats for added durability. All equipment have waterproof components as well as silicon electrical connectors for prolonged equipment life.

Intenza-Fitness_Treadmill_550Te4Because walking, jogging, and running are the most instinctive forms of movement for most people, treadmills find themselves at the heart of many fitness facilities and are widely used by exercisers of all fitness levels. Smooth, stable, and confident forward motion is natural so it only makes sense to workout on equipment that feels solid and natural.

Decide which Intenza treadmill is right for you – the award winning e Series with its 15″ touchscreen monitor and built-in Wifi or the intuitive i Series with its elegantly minimalist Uni-Dial Navigation control and USB connectivity. Both deliver users the same mind-opening workout experience and both deliver facility operators the same tech-driven, low-maintenance ownership experience.


intenza-ellipticalElliptical trainers combine the movements of running and stair climbing without the bodily impact.  This makes the elliptical a great option for exercisers who want a gentler workout because of joint problems or pain.

Intenza makes two different models of ellipticals, the e Series and the 550 ETi and the 550 ET.


Intenza-Fitness_Upright-Bike_550UBe1For optimal cycling results, Intenza uptight or Intenza recumbent bike users must challenge themselves by adjusting resistance levels on bikes. This is why Intenza bikes have so many different workout options such as Hill, Interval, Weight Loss, Cross Train, Step by Step, Strength, and racing competitions.  With Intenza’s e Series line of fitness bikes, you get all the performance features of Intenza cardio equipment with the added benefit of touchscreen connectivity and self-diagnosing, Wifi-enabled, smart machines. Interactive technology will elevate your cardio and offerings to the next level. Give your members a choice in the cycling regime they most prefer – upright or recumbent.