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Commercial Grade Treadmills

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New from Life Fitness!

The SE3 HD consoles come with high definition tv’s, a Performance Run view for easy interval training, the ability to connect your AppleWatch and other devices, personal entertainment from Netflix, Hulu and more, LifescapeTM interactive courses, and the Halo Fitness Cloud – where you can reach members with templated emails and specific messaging. You can also offer facility-wide challenges to motivate your exercisers!

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Cybex Treadmills

The heritage of Cybex in exercise science means that all Cybex equipment is engineered to maximize the exercise training effect, while minimizing the potential for overstress. The treadmills are no exception. Users love the workout and gym owners love the reliability.

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Intenza Fitness Treadmills

Intenza Fitness cardio equipment perfects artistry and engineering – evoking images of powerful, purring luxury vehicles. Striking exteriors include brilliant touchscreen displays and gleaming aluminum surfaces. Underneath, are robust steel frameworks and motors, engineered to give users a sense of confidence and well-being during their workouts.

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Freemotion Fitness

At Freemotion, being innovative means questioning how we workout and redefining it. We do things not because everyone else is doing them, but because no one else is doing them.

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t10.9 Reflex Treadmill

t8.9b Treadmill

i11.9 Incline Trainer


Octane Fitness Zero Runner

The revolutionary Zero Runner by Octane Fitness allows you to replicate your natural running motion so you use all the same muscles you do outside, but without the harmful impact. Ultra, marathoner, weekend warrior and everyone in between will benefit from utilizing the Zero Runner in their training or workout program.

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Zero Runner ZR8000

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