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Commercial Preventative Maintenance Program


Preventative Maintenance Program

Maintenance Reports

Since many facilities are unsupervised, we have developed a customized PMA reporting tool which provides facility managers with a “snapshot” of the current health of their entire operation, going well beyond the traditional reporting of strength and cardio equipment only. Our all-encompassing report serves as facility managers “Eyes and Ears” by alerting them to the general appearance, condition and safety of everything from dumbbells, mats & upholstery in the visual inspection section of their report to separate product snapshots, services performed and trade-in sections.

Additional Benefits of Leasing

  • End of Life Trade-in Program: As a Shield Protection Program Member you are automatically eligible for our “End Of Life” Shield Protection Buy Back Program. This program guarantees a future trade-in credit of up to $1,000 per unit, provided that our age and usage guidelines are met. As a PMA customer, we know that your equipment has been well maintained and received all its manufacturer suggested PM services making it an attractive recycled piece of equipment for a low usage setting like a home. Our statewide retail locations make this distribution situation possible.
  • Return PM Service Visits: As a PMA Customer you will not be charged our standard $45 service trip charge for any PM related return service needs. Instead, you will only pay for the length of time our technician is on site.
  • Protect your Investment: Regular service pays for itself as your equipment’s life span is greatly increased. When repairs are necessary, they are generally less costly.
  • Protect yourself: Create a safe work environment and limit potential liability by enrolling in a regular maintenance program by manufacturer authorized technicians.

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How Will It Benefit My Facility?

How Preventive Maintenance will Benefit Your Facility:

  • Create a safe workout environment and limit potential liability
  • Regular service pays for itself because equipment life span is significantly increased
  • High client retention
  • No more ‘Out-of-Order’ signs
  • Lower cost of repairs on older equipment

Frequency of Visits

The optimum frequency of visits is based upon a number of factors including the age of the equipment, the type of equipment, the physical environment and expected use. For an unsupervised, moderate-use facility, health club or community center, quarterly service is typically recommended.

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What is the Preventative Maintenance Program?

Preventive Maintenance Overview

US Fitness Products Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to keep your equipment working safely and efficiently and to limit the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance, calibration, lubrication and inspection. It’s a misconception that since a piece of equipment is under a manufacturer’s warranty that a service agreement is not necessary. The best analogy is your vehicle: Although the vehicle is under warranty, the dealer does not pay for oil changes, tire rotation, alignment, tune-ups, etc. All equipment has a manufacturer’s suggested periodic maintenance schedule which should be performed beginning with the day you receive your equipment. During each PM visit, a US Fitness trained and certified technician will inspect, clean, lubricate, adjust, perform diagnostics and troubleshoot potential problems with your equipment. Repairs considered to be minor will also be made. Service required between normal periodic maintenance calls will be billed at a rate of $75/hour with a trip charge of $45. What Tasks Are Performed? During each preventative maintenance visit, ALL equipment covered under the agreement will be inspected for safety, thoroughly cleaned in the interior as well as the exterior, lubricated and adjusted according to manufacturer’s specifications. Upon the completion of your visit we will complete a Fitness Equipment Preventative Maintenance Checklist that will indicate any need for repairs that were discovered to avoid any down time in your facility. Frequency of Visits The optimal frequency of visits is based on a number of factors including the age of the equipment, the type of equipment, the physical environment, and expected use. For an unsupervised, moderate-use facility, health club or community center, quarterly service is typically recommended.
  • End-of-life Trade-In Program
  • Return PMA Visits at No Charge
  • Protect Your Investment Through Regular Maintenance
  • Protect Yourself from Liability
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