Atlantic Tire Tennis Championships: Sept 11 – 17

Happening this week in Cary. See TOP tennis pros compete, many that recently competed in the US Open!

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Off Lease Equipment from Duke

Gently used equipment coming off of lease and traded in from Duke. So many great pieces that won’t last long before they’re purchased. Contact us now at 919-875-1900… Read more

New Product – Life Fitness MyRide VX

Life Fitness MyRide VX Spinning CycleLife Fitness has come out with a product that is being heralded as the best home spin cycle bike – with variable video/programming options – to come along since Peleton.

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Take A Stand Against Sitting

sitting-desk-backache-transFact: when we are sedentary for long periods of time, everything slows, including brain function (source: The Washington Post).

Look at these other facts…

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Don’t Sit On This Problem

Human bodies are built to be in motion.

But in todays workplace, most of us sit more than 9 hours a dayat our desks, in meetings and on our commutes. Prolonged sitting harms us physically, mentally and emotionally. And the kicker: it hurts our productivity, too. Two-thirds of employees feel disengaged, dispirited and fatigued at work, and sedentary behavior is a leading cause.

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